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How to choose acrylic bathtubs?

How to choose acrylic bathtubs?


Acrylic bathtub is made of sanitary ware grade board with net-like glue joint structure, which has good heat preservation performance. The back of the bathtub is reinforced with glass fiber, which has high hardness. High-quality acrylic cylinders have a long service life. However, acrylic cylinders on the market are mixed, many Fake and inferior products are not only poor in strength, but also easy to fade, so be careful when choosing. Acrylic bathtubs are currently the most popular bathtubs for workers. How to choose acrylic bathtubs?


1. Look: Follow the direction of the sun to carefully observe whether the surface of the cylinder is smooth and smooth. The good acrylic color is moist and soft, and the white product is not a good material.

 Sangle Bath Supplies always choose excellent material to create super acrylic babyspa tub in order to get stable performance and longer service time of tubs.

2. Touch: Touch with your hands to feel whether the inner wall is smooth, so that the smooth bathtub is not easy to get dirty. After using tub each time,pls do clean it normally in order to keep your tubs clean always.


3. Check whether the steel frame is firm. The steel bracket is hidden under the bathtub. Ask the salesperson to open the cylinder to check whether the material and welding of the bracket are firm. It is best to step on it personally and feel whether the cylinder is vibrating.


4. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners when cleaning the bathtub, otherwise it will damage the surface and make the surface of the bathtub lose its luster.

More details pls feel free to contact us freely and your request would be dealt within 24hrs.

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