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The Recipe For Adult Perfect Hydromassage

Hydromassage - Signature Spas

The recipe for Adult Perfect Hydromassage

Select the right bath

It is important to choose a product that has the functions mostly suited to your needs


Dedicate time

2 to 3 times a week, in the evening, set aside half an hour of time just for you. The perfect hydromassage requires 20 minutes of immersion.


Preparing the skin

To amplify the benefits of the massage, exfoliate before getting into the bath, and use a hydrating cream on the skin after the bath and after having spent ten minutes wrapped in your bathrobe.


Setting the correct temperature

The ideal temperature is between 32 and 37 degrees, and remember: hot water has a decontracting effect on the muscles, and stimulates circulation, colder water has a toning effect and can increase blood pressure. 


Using the power of essential oils

You can choose from various oils: cypress to fight cellulite, for a draining and anti-inflammatory effect; cedar, citrus and oriental spices for an energy boost; mint, lemon or lavender for total relaxation.


Benefitting from music therapy

During the hydromassage there is nothing better than letting yourself drift away with the emotions and vibrations of your favourite music, chosen specifically for your mood and the purpose of your session, to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of total wellbeing. 


Choosing the correct lighting

Colour therapy takes advantage of the stimulating and soothing effects of the hues of the colour spectrum (the colours of the rainbow). Choose programmes with cool colours like green and blue to relax, or warm such as red to recharge your energy.


Cleaning and disinfecting

Periodically use the cleaning product Clean-It and the disinfection system included in our baths to keep systems in full working order and secure the internal components from the proliferation of mould and bacteria and the accumulation of biofilm.

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