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How to properly maintain acrylic baby spa tub?

How to properly maintain acrylic baby spa tub?



In the process of maintenance, if you meet more stubborn stains, pls do use a special bathtub cleaner. This will not only effectively remove common soap and lime scale on the surface of the bathtub, but it is also very effective for organic aged yellow dirt that is difficult to remove. It can ensure the beauty of the baby swimming pool. If scratches are found in the swimming pool during the maintenance process, it can be polished with 2000c water sandpaper, and then polished with toothpaste and soft cloth to ensure the service life.

During maintenance, if you find that the baby swimming pool has a peculiar smell, do not use any perfume or other chemical agents to cover the smell. This method of curing the symptoms is not helpful to solve the problem. Much worse,it not only damages the life of the baby swimming pool, but also has a negative effect on the health of the baby . It is recommended that operators use sun exposure or orange peel to remove odors. Of course, toothpaste is also a good tool, which can not only effectively remove odors in the baby swimming pool, but also keep the baby swimming pool smell fresh.


For the maintenance of the baby swimming pool, wipe it off with clean water every time the small baby swimming pool is used up. In addition to daily cleaning, the large baby swimming pool should also be maintained at least once a week.

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