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Acrylic Plate Vs Plastic Plate

Acrylic Plate Vs Plastic Plate

                           -Sangle Tec Department

Acrylic has excellent properties such as high transparency, light weight, abrasion resistance and drop resistance,which is exactly similar with the feacture of plastics.

Acrylic is a kind of thermoplastic material. Plastic is a polymer compound which is made from monomer. It is commonly known as plastic or resin. The connection between the two is that acrylic is a new type of plastic, but plastic is used for the polymerization or polycondensation of all monomers. A general term for polymerized polymer compounds. Plastics are free to change the composition and shape of the body, a wide variety.

Defference between acrylic and plastic products:

First, we must look at transparency and freshness, transparency is high, even more transparent than glass, plastic can not be compared, and the color of acrylic is very bright, and the color of plastic products is dull, not as bright as acrylic.

Second, look at the smoothness and color of acrylic. There is a shiny luster under the light, crystal clear; the smoothness of the plastic products is poor, rough and will not shine under the light.

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