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The Benefits Of Baby Massage

Why you choose the massage for your baybies?


Baby massage also provides benefits for those giving the massage. Parents gain an increased awareness of the baby and his or her needs while enhancing the bonding process between child and caregiver. Massaging your baby can be an experience you come to cherish.

Massage: Benefits to babies

.Baby will know it is loved!

.Baby will know good touch and won?t accept bad touch

.Higher IQ

.Promotes attachment

.Encourages muscular coordination

.Relaxes muscles

.Stimulates vagus nerve resulting in release of food absorption hormones insulin and glucose

.Fosters body acceptance

.Alleviates anxiety and depression

.Enhances immune system

.Facilitates weight gain in preemies

.Relieves colic, constipation and re-flux

.Improves sleep pattern

Massage: Benefits to families

.Provides dads a great way to bond

.Serves as a calming ritual for everyone

.Enhances communication

.As child ages, touch gives an opportunity to reconnect

.Provides a unique level of confidence and trust between parent and child

.Alleviates postpartum depression

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