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BabySpa Small Bathtub Single Glass
Sangle BabySpa Small Bathtub Single Glass adopts super thickened acrylic plate,full 304 stainless steel support inside.Good performance,longer service time.Pretty design,widely used in many baby spa store


Spa tub baby,baby tub spa,High grade acrylic bathtub,

The baby bathtub could be used for babies' spa swimming and make them love swimming always.
Main Technical Data: 

  1. Single side glass

  2. High-grade environmental protection acrylic materials

  3. high-grade stainless steel frame with strong anti-corrosion and adjustable soft foundation;

  4. Water and electricity separation with higher safety.

  5. Size: 115cm * 86cm * 86cm

  6. Color: Yellow/Green/Skyblue/White

  7. Used:0-3months baby bathing;&pets washing

  8. Function available: Bubble,Led light,Massage.

  9. Regular valves: hot valve and cold valve

  10. Option valve: mixing vlave,spray shower;


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