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582CM Endless Swimming Pool Intelligent SGL5823
Sangle Endless Swimming pool adopt eco-friendly acrylic materials with anti-corrosion metal support, integrated intelligent Operation safety,economical operation cost,thick insulation cover,high quality,very competitive price,stable performance,widely exported to over 35 countries.


About Endless Swim Spa Swimming

Endless Swim Spa Swimming Pool, originally means a swimming pool that you can’t swim to the end. It is driven by special hydraulic devices to create a directional flow, swimmers swim in the pool by counter-current to achieve the purposes of swimming exercise, which is similar to a water treadmill. Because of push effect of water flow, swimmers can not swim to the end of pool, so we called it the endless swimming pool.

Working Principle Of The Endless Swimming Pool

The Endless Swimming Pool forms a directional water flow in a limited space, allowing swimmers to swim against the endless pool machine, similar to the principle of a water treadmill. Since swimming is a kind of "aerobic exercise", regular "aerobic exercise" can greatly improve various functions of human body so to reach a balance of physiological indicators and shape of human body and keep health of human body.

The water speed of Endless Swimming Pool is the swimming speed of the swimmer. The adjustable range of the water speed is from 2 to 210 meters per minute (Olympic crawl 1,500 meters record holder is 103.3 meters per minute, and the general person is about 75-85 meters per minute), ie swimmers can complete 1.5 km non-steering swimming distance within 15-20 minutes.

SGL-5823 Swin Spa Endless Pool is a simulation of open water flow. The soft but powerful water flow can be adjusted to 12 speeds to train swimming. This provides triathletes with an ideal swimming training environment, which is different from other endless pools that use pool jet as the water outlet. This is the ideal equipment for triathletes. In addition, it is equipped with a spa area, so you can relax the muscles in the spa area after triathlon swimming training.

Sangle Endless Swimming Pool Feature:

1).Integrated Intelligent Operation

Integrated swimming pool disinfection, filtration, constant temperature, massage system. with swimming mode,they all can be operated through the operation panel.

2).Thick Insulation Cover

Our standard endless swimming pool cover can reduce the evaporation of swimming pool water and save water, and can better isolate the heat loss so that the swimming pool can maintain suitable swimming temperature. The most important thing is that the cover with the password buckle which can increase the safety of the swimming pool and prevent children from entering the pool alone

3).More Safety And Healthy

4).Low Operating Costs 

1KW electric energy of Sangle Endless Swimming Pool can produce 4-5KW thermal energy, which is 4-5 times that of ordinary electric heating energy efficiency, and the built-in installation method does not need to occupy additional space, and does not require additional installation. The initial replenishment water temperature is 15°C, and the design water temperature is 28°C. And the initial heating time is only 16H, and the power consumption is 35 degrees. In spring and autumn, energy consumption is only 9 degrees/day, and in the winter it is only 12 degrees/day.

5).12 different swimming speeds for choice

Sangle Endless Swimming Pool can provide you with 12 different swimming speeds. And then how far and how long you want to swim as you can. And you can burn your calories at any time , but you can avoid joint pain that can result from excessive exercises. No matter what kind of swimming posture you are, you can perfectly swim.

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